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We're located on Sprague Lake in Eastern Washington state. Our resort is just 6 miles from the town of Sprague and south of the I-90 freeway.

Site Map
Sprague Lake map

Take exit #245, which is 35 miles west of Spokane, off of the I-90 freeway. Proceed south and turn right on "4th Street" towards Sprague town. Go one block; turn right on "B Street". Then, turn left on "1st Street" and follow the road through town. On the outskirts of town, take the fork to the right. From this point, our resort is 6 miles away. The road will take you over the railroad tracks and then under I-90. Take the first left on "Lake Rd." which goes behind the rest area. Follow parallel to the freeway until the road veers to the right and then along wheat fields. Turn left on "Bob Lee Rd.", which is just before the four storage grain silos. You will go over I-90 and drop right into the resort.

Lake Description
This is a warm water lake which is 1840 acres. The lake is mostly 10-18 feet deep and approximately 6 miles long and 1 mile wide.

The water level does fluctuate between spring and fall and you need to be aware of rocky areas. When you visit us, ask for our free map of known rock problems for boat propellers.

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